Democratic State Treasurer Candidate Dan Blue III Pledges Not to Serve on Corporate Boards if Elected


Raleigh, N.C. – Today, the Democratic candidate for North Carolina State Treasurer, Dan Blue III, pledged to abstain from corporate board service and accepting outside compensation if elected. In a statement released today Blue said the following:

“I pledge not to seek or accept outside compensation or service on a corporate board if elected Treasurer. The incoming Treasurer will have many responsibilities, including sitting on internal boards and commissions that ensure sound investment of the pension and the state health plan. I am committed to protecting our state employees and teachers retirement, health benefits and ensuring that they have compensation that reflects the value of service they provide to our state,” Blue said. “Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing my vision on how to keep our state on sound financial footing, while ensuring our economy provides opportunity for every North Carolinian. My opponent has voted against the best interests of state employees by denying adequate pay increases and voting to increase the cost of their healthcare. It’s clear North Carolinians cannot afford Dale Folwell as their next State Treasurer.”

Blue is committed to issues that matter to everyday North Carolinians: wise management of the 90 billion dollar pension fund, maintaining North Carolina’s credit rating, guaranteeing that municipalities, counties, and school districts have access to capital to maintain their infrastructure, and to ensure that state employees and their families receive high-quality healthcare and compensation.